Finding Contentment in Obedience

I have probably sat down to write this a half a dozen times. I always knew what I wanted to say but could never find the right words, or the right moment to express my thoughts. I found that weird since the topic I had on my heart and was obsessing over in my mind was the idea of being content in my obedience to where God was calling me.

If I felt content, why couldn’t I write this months ago? Why couldn’t I find the right words? Why did I feel the moment had to be right, that I had to be fully convinced I was content?

Honestly, because I am imperfect. I am human. Something I forget about myself sometimes.

While I so desperately wanted to share the faithfulness of God and the overwhelming feeling of contentment one day, I found that the next day I was struggling to understand the purpose of getting out of bed.

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I believe. Help my unbelief.

Some people come up to me and ask if I have ever prayed for healing. I have had a disability that affects my balance, muscles in my legs and walking since I was two years old. I have been a Christian since I was six, but the thought of being healed never became real to me until I was 23.

Even after I believed that I could be healed, I wasn’t. And I am still not physically healed. Occasionally I still have the conversation about healing and how faith correlates with healing. “Do you not have enough faith to be healed?” “Do you not believe you can be healed?” “Do you think God is waiting for you to fully put your faith in him to be healed?”

How do you handle those questions?

I was always struggling with this until I was in a small group setting and we were discussing prophecy and spiritual gifts. The speaker that night decided to talk about how all the gifts of the Spirit were connected. He talked about faith and prophecy and then he talked about faith and healing. I thought, “Here we go, again.”

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Which Roar Do You Listen To?

The lion is known to be the king of the jungle. There is only one lion amongst the lionesses and cubs in a pack. Lions are fierce, competitive and jealous. But they are also protective, kind to their own and the ultimate defender of the weak of those they are meant to protect. They like to be the king, and there is only room for one King.

The Bible describes both God and Satan in terms of a lion. I always thought this strange, so I dug a little deeper.

David cries out to God to save him from the mouth of lions (Psalm 22:21). Peter warns us, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Then we find that God’s people are called the Tribe of Judah; the Lion is the symbol of their strength and their God as depicted from Genesis right through Revelation (Genesis 49:9 and Revelation 5:5).

How can two lions roam and rule? One is bound to defeat the other.

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